January 29, 2011

The name Canyonlands doesn’t really do the park justice, there is so much more to see beyond the massive canyons carved out by the Colorado and Green Rivers.  I only had time to visit the Island in the Sky area.  Appropriately named so beause of its massive mesas (mesa= flat tableland with steep edges) which have 300+ feet drops down to an expansive middle level that is then carved by an additional level of steep canyons into the third level down (photo).

It was a perfectly clear day (as the various hikers I ran into kept reminding me) and as I hiked around the top level you could see 30-40 miles into the distance.  Mesa Arch (photo) sits on the top mesa directly above a 300 foot drop, which made walking on top of it sphincter tightening fun.  

The previous night I returned back to town too late for dinner as apparently all restaurants close their kitchens around 8:30 in Moab (really?), something you’d never expect coming from NYC, and ended up eating at Denny’s.  Turns out eating dinner alone at Denny’s, surrounded by truckers and drifters, is a somewhat depressing experience.  I made sure to get back in time this time and try the famous Alfredo William’s at Pasta Joe’s.  A fried chicken cutlet bigger than my head laying on top of Linguine Alfredo?  Oh, hell yes (photo).  Although it did make it nearly impossible for me to stay awake for the 1:30 hour drive afterwards to Bluff, UT. 

Canyonlands National Park and Moab, Utah.

Day 10


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